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Wholesale Jewelry Catalogs

This page is listing various wholesale jewelry catalogs for silver and gold jewelry that will be made available or sent from Thailand..

This jewelry is either made by Atelier Quadrature, or made in cooperation with our partners specialized in specific techniques that we want to promote for remarkable know-how and originality (like enamel or mother of pearls, wood and ornamental gemstones inlays, custom cut gemstones, etc.).
For some specific mass production cases where jewelry does not require very highly skilled workers but only a good QC system and rigor, the jewelry can be made entirely by our affiliates or partners and controlled or finished by Quadrature for texture and/or setting and/or plating.

Our workshop normally concusses on high quality gold and silver jewelry in small and medium volumes in-house, but to accommodate customers in need for larger volumes we either get support from their workshops or we subcontract a larger part of the process to make our creations (or creations from our customers, MCDC program) available for distributors and big buyers.

It is difficult to do Design & Creation with Custom Jewelry Manufacturing for boutique stores, and at the same time to be able to handle large productions to keep workers busy and generate enough profit, while keeping flexible in today's uncertain economy. That is why we think each link of the chain should do what he does best. We create well rounded products, we set standards in medium productions in-house, and we use the best specializes workshops for unique know-how.
Then when it comes to mass production we give the basic tasks to selected mass production factories, we coordinate with specialized workshops and we focus on QC and assembly/finish/texture details accordig to original design and sandards that have been set on test orders.

* ALL PARTNERS are actually workshops of various sizes with whom we already have experience in cooperation, either as supporting workshops helping us to reach our deadlines, either as specialized artisan taking in charge specific tasks for which we do not have the skills or the equipment in-house.
The purpose is to promote the best of our network in matter of quality, capacity of output, flexibility regading minimums (and with custom manufacturing customers who are unpredictable with the success of the products we create from their design). Be flexible with the small high-end creative business, be quality with the wholesaler.


We will mark catalogs with the following DESIGN ORIGIN TAGS (f making, and origin of design):
  • Quadrature Design:
    (Designed by Atelier Quadrature)
  • MCDC Design:
    (Designed by our customers that we promote)
    Usually they will not authorize OEM or they will want the "Design by" mention
  • Artisan Design:
    (Designed by specilized workshop maximizing the use of specific techniques)
    They generally authorize OEM, they just want to sell
    Generally not available in bulk because made in-house with special task by small artisans.
  • Partner Design & production::
    Usuall this is a catalog from our supporting workshop or large factory partner.
    They generally authorize OEM, they just want to sell.
    QC and final plating/texture is always made by us norally because we QC polished jewelry, then make corrections to our standard before validating for Rhodium or Gold plating..


Options can be specified for an entire catalog, or specified for perticular products, like this:

  • High-end only (not bulk, speed depends on workload and stock at the time of order)
  • High-end or Bulk
  • Bulk only (minimums will be specified depeding on global order selections by customer)
  • Bulk premium available (can be produced in large quantity with top quality standard)

  • OEM (customer can put their Brand on product) + [Q] manufacturer stamp.
  • OEM Designer mentioned (customer can put their Brand on product) + [Q] + "Design by"
  • No OEM

  • Hand-made

(all or large part of process in-house)
In the High-end tagged catalogs the quality is supposed to be very high in all regards.
Capacity is not mass production (max 600-1000 pcs per order, 45 days for such products)

Of course hand-made jewelry can show slight variations of shapes in the same lot of the same products since each piece is entirely made by hand (no casting), but surface, plating, links, setting is still expected to be of good quality.
Nevertheless Hand-Made jewelry can stil be tagged with available options like HIGH-END or BULK or BULK PREMIUM with of course quality an price levels implications.

Bulk means mass production. The returns policy remains the same as high-end jewelry but the tolerance will be softer regarding polish perfection on wide surfaces or intricated forms, jumprings welding visibility and perfection of jumpring rounded shape, gemstones clarity and slight color shifting between stones on the same piece.
Still in no circumtances should customer tolerate missing stones, incomplete plating, broken jumprings, damaged chains, broken stones or ay other major defects.
(max 1000-5000 pcs per order, 45 days for such products)

Bulk Premium Available
It simply means that such product can be made in BULK QUANTITIES with HIG-END QUALITY. Such option if available will also mean higher prices and slower production due to higher QC standards.
(max 1000-3000 pcs per order, 45 days for such products)

If available this option means that the customer can put his own Branding on the product.
We can leave space of stamping by customer.
We can apply a stamp piece by piece (hammered stamp)
We can apply a stamp piece by piece by laser (very small or complex and fine logo/text).
We can make a special master engraved with customer logo before molding so each casting comes with customer Brand already.
We can help with European grade of Service with our Brand Aware and Edition partner (London,Singapore).
We can help designing Logo, bags, pouch, Boxes, with hot stamp, etc, and then introduce customers with custom packaging factories in Bangok who have factories in THailand or China. Usually minimum is 100 pcs even for samples and we will not be part of any transactions regarding this matter but we can help with communication and passing over design files or retrieve packaging to our workshop and arrange shipping back to you together with the products.


HANDMADE01 - Handmade silver Jewelry
This catalog displays handmade silver jewelry and unique pieces of paired earrings with banded agates as well as bracelets using rare or unusual stones, that cannot always be reproduces in the same fashion because the stones were purchased from a collectioner.
We can reproduce similar styles with more common stones and make them cheaper.

  • Design and production by partner
  • Small order from stock (full sets/lots)
  • Bulk premium available (by order)
  • OEM (customer can put their Brand on product)
See full catalog

RUSS01 - Classique Silver Jewelry
This catalog is inspired from Russian Classique Jewelry style. Rich in side brilliants CZ to put the focut on generally one single stone. Earrigs are also using special solid dangle lock cliping on a thin rectangular earpost, making a solid and reliable locking system.

  • Design and production by partner
  • Bulk only (and small orders from stock)
  • Bulk premium available
  • OEM (customer can put their Brand on product), hammer stamp only
See full catalog

Quadrature CATALOGS:

QUAD01 - Small pave on chains
This catalog is using very small diamonds, rubies, sapphires and semi-precious stones on tiny detailed pendents, bracelets and earrings.
Silver and Gold jewelry with real and leveled pave setting by hand on the metal (not in the wax).

  • Design and production by Quadrature
  • High-End only
  • Slow production (Must be planned for stock)
  • OEM available with "Q" or "by Quadrature"
  • Customer Logo/Brand can be lasered on Tags masters or hammered
See full catalog : COMING SOON

MCDC CATALOGS (Customers Collections):

Design by REM.
This catalog is using very small diamonds, rubies, sapphires on small pendents, bracelets.
Silver and Gold jewelry with real and leveled pave setting by hand on the metal (not in the wax).
Most desigs are available on chains or cords with or without clasps.

  • Design by REM
  • Creation & Production by Quadrature
  • High-End only
  • Slow production (Must be planned for stock)
  • OEM not available, will come with "Q" & REM Logo
See full catalog : COMING SOON

(waiting for final aggreement by customer to publish online, but anyone interested in similar products should contact us)