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Pearl Jewelry

Most pearl farms and wholesalers have an office in Bangkok or a representative able to handle the supply to one of the most important jewelry manufacturing country in the world.
We have regular visits from our supplier from Japan for pearls sold by string. It is a simple and classical jewelry that every woman should have. Perfect for weddings, Christenings, or cocktails, always classy and fits women of any age from young teenagers to grand-mothers.

Visit from our Japanese supplier in our office
Strings of mix south sea pearls, grey pearls and white pearls. Each string value is between 2.000 USD and 5.000 USD
Grey south sea pearls and mix pearls
Grey south sea pearls of midium luster to high luster

Pearl general pricing
Prices for pearls are made according to the following grading system:
- Size
- Shape: Round - Pear - oval - Baroque
- Shape perfection: Perfect - Near perfect - Medium - Fair - Poor
- Luster: Very Good - Good - Medium - Fair - Poor
- Surface accidents: None - few accidents - accidents - many accidents

It is important to know that pearls always have a secondary colr (luster color):
The secondary colors are mostly green and thepink on the white pearls which gives the violet (plumb), and the green on black pearls. When mixing pearls and gemstones we try to choose the right secondary color that matches the style.

Pearls are sold by the string (full drilling) or by the piece (half drilled for earrings and rings).
They are cheaper when purchased by strings of gradient sizes.
More expensive when purchased by strings of a single exact uniform size (special order from culture farm).
More expensive by piece or by pair.


Fresh Water Pearl (China):
(Price table)
- Most suitable for silver Jewelry
- Very affordable
- Available by the piece (half drilled or full drilled)
- Available in Drop Shape, Oval Shape, Round shape
- Available colors: White, Black, Grey, Gold treated).

Market prices for fresh water pearls in THB (Thai Baht)
(+15% markup for selection and handling will be included in quotations for jewelry)
Size  White Pearls Gray Pearls Black Pearls
3-3.5 mm 6/10/12/15/25 10 10/13
3.5 - 4 mm 5/8/10/13/15/20 8 10/13
4 - 4.5 mm 10/12/14/25/30 10 10/15
4.5 - 5 mm 8/10/15/25/30 10 10
5 - 5.5 mm 8/10/15/20/23/25//30/40/45/60 10/24 7/8/10/15/20
5.5 - 6 mm 10/15/20/30/45/80/100 10 10
6 - 6.5 mm 15/20/25/30/35/45/50/80/100 20/30 10/15/35
6.5 - 7 mm 14/20/25/35/40/45/50/65/80/140 20/30 20/30/45/65
7 - 7.5 mm 20/25/45/65/80/85/100/150/180/200/240 40/50/65 20/25/60/65
7.5 - 8 mm 20/30/40/45/70/120/200/250/300 25/40/65/85/100 40/65/100
8 - 8.5 mm 80/100/150/200/220/280/400/500 40/75/85/150/180/200 80/100/130/150/180/200
 8.5 - 9 mm 90/130/170/280/400/500/750/850/1650 280 200/300
9 - 9.5 mm 300/400/500/700/850/1250 500 250/500
9.5 - 10 mm 230/280/330/400/450/600/850/1200 450 450/650
10 - 10.5 mm 450/500/750/900/1200/1500/2500/3000 500 450/650/1000/1500
10.5 - 11 mm 230/700/900/2000/2500/3000   1000/1500/2000
11 - 11.5 mm 600/900/1000/1250/1500/2500/5000/6000 2500/3500 750/1200/2000
11.5-12 mm 650/1000/1600/3500/6000 1250/2000  
12-13 mm 3000/4000/6000/9000    
13-14 mm 6500/9000/12000/17000    
14-15 mm 10000/12500    
Size  Natural Pearls Gold Pearls  Chocolate Pearls
3-3.5 mm 10    
3.5 - 4 mm 10    
4 - 4.5 mm      
4.5 - 5 mm 15/20    
5 - 5.5 mm 10/15/25    
5.5 - 6 mm 20/25 15/23  
6 - 6.5 mm 15/20/35 30 35
6.5 - 7 mm 20/25/30/50 20//30/45 40
7 - 7.5 mm 25/50/85/100/130/180 25/400/130 60/75/85
7.5 - 8 mm 40/60/85/100/150/200 30/45/50/90  
8 - 8.5 mm 85/150/180/300 60/70/85/100/120/180 80/130/150/240
 8.5 - 9 mm 200/280/400 - 140/200/300
9 - 9.5 mm 500/700/850 200 500
9.5 - 10 mm 450/650/850/1300   650
10 - 10.5 mm 1500 350/500/1000  
10.5 - 11 mm      
11 - 11.5 mm 1250/3500   1000
11.5-12 mm      
12-13 mm 4500 4500  

South Sea Pearls (AKuya), small sizes 6mm to 8 mm :
Cultured in Japan and China, this variety is well known for it's use in Jewelry.
The akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster used in pearl culture today. Akoya pearls also tend to be small, ranging in size from about 2 to 10 millimeters. They also tend to be the most consistently round and near-round pearls, making them ideal in terms of matching for multi-pearl jewelry such as strands and bracelets.
- A string of 8 mm white pearls top quality, top luster would cost around 900 USD
- A similar string but of other color, and lower grade would cost around 500 USD
- Available by piece
- Available colors : White, Black, Grey

South Sea Pearls, bigger sizes 8 mm to 12 mm:
- A string between 10 mm and 12 mm white pearls in gradient of good quality and luster would cost around 3.000 to 3.500 USD.
- A string between 8 mm and 10 mm white pearls in gradient of good quality and luster would cost around 1500 to 2.500 USD
- A stringusing a single size (like all pearls 10 mm) would be 20% more expensive because it requires a selection at th farm and constitutes a special order. In 9 mm maybe they would surcharge less, but 10 mm is the most depended size, s if everyone wants this size they will not be able to matche the rest of the sizes in gradients, being short in 10 mm.
- For South Sea Pearls in bigger sizes we do not supply strings.

Pairs of South Sea Pearls up to 13 mm:
South Sea pearls when they are bought in pairs or as a single pearl tend to be more expensive because mostly prefect in shape and sold as a unique pearl or unique assortment. The price will mainly be influenced by the color and the luster.
- A pair of 13 mm white pearl with a nice luster be around 1.200 USD in a quotation for earrings with us.
- Bigger sizes are exceptional and prices are to be discussed case by case.


Please consider this example of design that we proposed to our customer in Bangkok :

This is a South Sea pearls necklace coming in a set with a pair of white pearls and princess diamonds earrings designed by us for a Customer in Thailand. The lady didn't have pierced ears and needed to have her earrings custom made.
The entire set, custom made was sold $3700 which wouldn't cover a similar pearl string (without the earrings) bought from a specialized wholesaler here in Bangkok, because we bought it directly from the farm in Japan.

Description of the necklace :

Color: white
Size: 10 to 11 mm gradient sizes
Luster: good to very good
Quality: perfect rounds, very few surface accidents

6 Diamonds Princess cut :
Clarity: VVS2
Color: F
Weight: 0.36 carats

Pearl earrings designed for the customer
Pearl earrings designed for the customer
 South Sea pearls earrings designed for the customer
 South Sea pearls earrings designed for the customer
Set of South Sea pearls earrings and necklace

Such items are ordered from Japan by order basis and should be paid up front because we cannot return them unless the quality does not correspond to the description. Therefore our customer needs to rely on our judgment for the quality and use the grading classification mentioned above (Shape, surface, luster) to describe his requirement.
Similar products are available in Thailand from wholesalers (faster delivery, but higher price than bought from the pearl culture farm)
Our supplier has a very strict and well organized classification system just like we would expect from a Japanese.

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This page is relative to jewelry design, wax modeling, wax printing, jewelry production and more specifically about pearl , pearl jewelry, south sea pearl,akuya, fresh water pearl. Our jewelry designers working by hand or on computers help in the modeling of custom jewelry. We are jewelry manufacturers in thailand making gold jewelry and silver design and production of jewelry lines in our jewelry factory. We do custom made jewelry and offer design services in order to provide a complete solution to our customers overseas.